About Us

Cleanliness is a habit that needs to be taught to kids at an earlier stage. Washing hands before and after food, brushing teeth twice a day, eating food at the right time, eating proper food, good table manners, good language, good manners, sleeping and waking up early, keeping fit, all constitute a part of leading a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. Hi, I’m Bruce, a father and keen observer of life!

As a parent, I believe that a few habits can be taught at home, whereas few are taught by society, which often turn out to be a lesson hard-learned.

I make sure that my kids brush their teeth twice a day but that requires an initiative from our end. Kids take their brush only when we take ours. This does not stop with brushing teeth alone, kids learn from their parents. So we are to set good living examples for our kids. Starting a habit sounds easy, but following the habit in a consistent manner is something that requires strong willpower and commitment. This gives us a pinching note that we are entirely responsible for our kid’s mental and physical health. So let us be living examples to our kids and lead them to a healthy future and lifestyle.