VegetarianMy vegetarian resolution is probably the one going the best — and I thought I should explain why I’ve gone this route.

It’s not, particularly, because I am against animals getting their heads chopped off. I am against the cruel treatment in most industrial farms/slaughterhouses/feedlots. Organic meat, however, is fine from an ethical point of view. We are omnivores; we are part of a natural food chain.

Nope, my choice to go vegetarian is prompted more by a desire to experiment. I like new stuff. I’m addicted to travel, to exploring, to new ideas, to books, and to new food. Being vegetarian forces me to eat stuff I wouldn’t otherwise, and there’s a whole world out there beyond lentil soup.

For example, yesterday at lunchtime, we had the materials for a meat-based sandwich, which is what P. had, and what I would have had. Instead, I broke out one of the sweet potatoes I had, and ‘baked’ it in the microwave. Never really eaten sweet potatoes before, except candied style. Result? A brand new lunch food that takes less than 10 minutes, is completely yummy, cheap and reasonably healthy.

Without vegetarianism, I would never have discovered nut roast, parsnips, or paneer tikka. I would never have learned about the wonders of a warm mushroom salad with Stilton and walnuts, or the joy that is asparagus. The fact is, changing my diet forces me to learn new ways of cooking, and thinking about food, and makes my life richer in the long run.

I wouldn’t say that I’ll never eat a burger again. Sometime I’ll go back to a steak with pepper sauce once in a blue moon, or I’ll enjoy a plate of my Mum’s chicken in almond sauce. But by putting restrictions on my eating, I open up a whole new world of culinary delight. Human beings are lazy. Without forbidding myself ham, I’d eat a ham sandwich every day. Before going veggie, I just bought myself a sausage roll off the van for lunch at work. It was boring, but dependable. Now I’ve eaten thai-slaw wraps, potato soup, prawn salads, and all kinds of other more diverse foodstuffs for my lunch instead.

Organic Food BoxToday was the kind of day I wish my entire life could be like. I did wake up feeling a bit blergh, but once up things became joyful.

I had porridge with seeds, sultanas, ginger and honey for breakfast. I make the best porridge in the world, except maybe for Basil. I have had a few failures in my time, but I have now established a winning formula. Went into town with my Mum. Got all my recycling taken care of (cheers, Mum), and paid my National Insurance. Renewed my rental contract, paid some money into the bank (better than taking it out!), and came home. Cleaned my lounge/kitchen, including mopping. Did my laundry. Ate a Danish pastry, and had a cup of tea.

It was productive at work, which meant I was able to do more work in less time. Always a good feeling! Found out I have indeed got a raise – although I don’t know how much yet. Contract is on its way.

On to the main part of this post: Abel and Cole. They shoved a leaflet through my parents’ door recently, and I noted the lack of a delivery charge. I assumed that the food would be stupidly expensive, but I checked it out anyway. I’m glad I did – it’s cheaper than Waitrose, sells EVERYTHING, and the ordering system is a dream. I had my first delivery today.

Result? Favourable. Since it wasn’t stupidly expensive I thought they might skimp on the quantity – but I got a veritable mountain of oranges and apples, plenty of broccoli, and a fair number of potatoes and onions. I also got fennel, which was fascinating. Opening the organic food box was rather like having a present – surprising, and awesome.

I also got milk, bread, beans (of the hippie variety), oatcakes (absolutely delicious), ham, yogurt, goats’ cheese and juice. The goats’ cheese was pretty expensive for a tiny amount, but I’m always stunned at how expensive cheese is anyway.

They let you mark items as ‘dislikes’ – so I was able to get rid of all peppers. Some people might ditch mushrooms. Etc. You can get rid of up to fifteen things.

Anyway, I am enthused. It means I can budget much more exactly, since I am hopeless at mental arithmetic and a sucker for impulse buying. It also means I get a random variety of veg, and I am helping support organic local farmers and such like. Yay! Plus I get really excited about the delivery – and excitement and surprises are good.

So yeah, for dinner I had baked potato with egg mayonnaise and salad – none of which came from my box since he didn’t turn up until 6pm, and I’d already started. But for the next few days I am well set. My salad was awesome, by the way, just greens, seeds and oil and vinegar dressing. I love food! Food is awesome! YAY!